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OBSERVER: Weather meets BlockChain

Set up your own personal weather station on your smartphone, automobile, or building, and join OBSERVER. You can get OBSR coins, an innovative cryptocurrency, in exchange for your weather data.

OBSR(OBSERVER) - Weather meets BlockChain.

An innovative cryptocurrency

OBSR (OBSERVER Coin) is a utility coin that promotes crowd-sourced weather data trading. Individuals earn OBSR by sending personal weather observations, such as air temperature, pressure, humidity, and fine dust concentrations, to the OBSERVER FOUNDATION.

About OBSR Core

OBSR is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & environmental footprint. It utilizes a custom Proof of Stake protocol for securing its network and uses an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism that dynamically balances 90% of its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes and 10% dedicated for budget proposals. The goal of OBSR is to achieve a decentralized sustainable crypto currency with near instant full-time private transactions, fair governance and community intelligence.

More information at obsr.org

Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase)11,250,000,000 OBSR
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)Infinite
Premine8,437,500,000 OBSR*

Source forked from (PIVX): (Last source commit) (Source Tree)

Reward Distribution

Genesis Block
Block HeightReward AmountNotes
18,437,500,000 OBSRInitial Pre-mine

Rewards Breakdown

Block HeightMasternodesPow/Pos MinerBudget
2-1010% (0 OBSR)100% (28,125,000 OBSR)N/A
102-2000075% (0 OBSR)25% (0 OBSR)N/A
20001-Infinite75% (161.25 OBSR)25% (53.75 OBSR)N/A


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